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how to say " I will come visit your church" & " please come visit my church" in Tagalog?

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    I will come visit your church - Bibisita ako sa simbahan nyo
    please come visit my church - Pakiusap bumisita ka rin sa simbahan namin.

    I used nyo and namin instead of mo and ko for plural purposes since church is not owned by you and her.


    You could say this two ways either focusing on you as the actor or on the church as the location:

    "Bibisita ako sa simbahan mo." / "Bibisitahan ko ang simbahan mo."

    The second sentence can be said this way:

    "Bibisita ka sana sa simbahan ko (Hopefully, you will visit my church.)" If you say it "Bibisita ka sana", then you're using what's called a subjunctive form which comes off as less commanding than saying "Bumista ka sa simbahan ko." Saying the latter would be a direct command and might come off as sounding too imposing.

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