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how to say someting in chinese?

I wondered how to say something. because, I realized when I asked someone to say : Can I tell you something?
And I asked like this:能不能说你一东西?
I understood 东西 means :thing, object, something like that. also I understood it means east and weast, and I just want to learn how to use it correctly.

If you answered me you also can be my friend. :)?

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    Can I tell you something? should be: "我跟你说点事行吗?"

    when you talk about something with someone, "something" is an abstract/invisible matter. You have to use "事". 东西 is referring something you may touch and feel – solid object. It is not proper to be used in such a case.

    How to use something in Chinese
    Something is wrong there.
    Something's happening

    Do you have something to eat?


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