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Greetings in China (verification)

I'm trying to learn some basic Chinese online but I don't trust the internet due to a previous incident where I was taught the wrong thing and looked stupid <.<

Anyway, on one site it says that "早上好" means good morning and another says 早晨好 means good morning. Do the both of them mean good morning?

And can someone please verify the authenticity of the vocabulary on these two sites for me please. Thanks much :)

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    早晨 means exactly the same as 早上. However, no one says "早晨好". "早上好" is common but sounds a teeny bit formal. People prefer to say "早" or "嗨" while meeting their friends or colleagues in the morning.


    I have never heard a Chinese person say 早晨好, but I have never spoken to a Chinese person during the 早晨 hours. 早晨 is very early morning, sort of daybreak time, as the sun comes up. 早上 is later and is just the morning. I would imagine if you said 早晨好, they will understand you, even if it's not really said.

    Some of the expressions on those sites are correct, but they are very very textbook Chinese.

    In Cantonese, people says "早晨" instead of "早上好". Literally it means "Morning!" 早晨好 is never heard in greetings.

    both are correct
    regional varieties

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