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why this sentence is a question

"je prends le journal" say in english is "am i getting the newspaper" bu i understand is "i am getting the newspaper" this sentence is too "je prends une baguette" why can't translate "i am getting a baguette"

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    Like Julien Said, this is not a question, unless, when said, the voice is raised at the end
    "Je prends le journal ?". This is something people do when they speak, it's common, but not formal.

    So to submarize questions, there are 3 ways to ask something and now you have come across all 3 of them.
    1. invert the subject and the verb and add an hyphen (tu aimes = aimes-tu ?)
    2. use a question marker (like "est-ce que... ?")
    3. state a fact but raise your voice at the end of the sentence. (Tu aimes ?)

    "Je prends le journal." is not a question but an affirmation.

    "Je prends le journal ?" is a question because of the question's mark

    so you understand it well =)

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