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khood beh englisi misheh chiyeh


خود به انگلیسی میشه چیه؟

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    "خود" means "self" in English.
    For example:
    خودم = myself
    خودت = yourself
    خودش = him/herself
    خودمان = ourselves
    خودتان = yourselves
    خودشان = themselves
    The pronunciation of "و" is not "oo" as in "wood" but its pronounced as "o" in "hope"
    There is also a prefix of "-خود" which means "auto-"
    For example:
    خودکار = automatic, self-acting
    خودجوش = spontaneous
    If you pronounce it as in "wood" then it would mean "helmet, galea"

    And the correction of your question:
    khod beh englisi chi/cheh misheh/mishavad?
    خود به انگلیسی چی/چه میشه/می شود؟
    Or if you want to ask it formally, you should say:
    moaadeleh englisie "khod" chist?
    معادل انگلیسی "خود" چیست؟

    If you mean Khood (خود) in which 'oo' is pronounced 'u:' like blue, it means helmet.
    Otherwise Khod (خود) in which 'o' is pronounced like 'oo' in door not like 'o' in hope, means self.

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