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Vietnamese translation question

I would like help with the following sentences. I can understand many individual words but I am having trouble grasping the entire meaning. Any translation help would be appreciated.

vo khong dam nho chong giup
vo so chong lai gian
chong gian vo bun lam
vo so chong khong y vo nua
chong hua gian vo
that su bay gio vo can mot so tien
de tra no cho nguoi
vi ta cu doai va man vo nhieu vo bun
that su e y chong lam e khong loi dung hay gia doi chong dau
bay gio e can mot so tien de tra cho nguoi ta
2ngay nay e co di vay
ma khong co e dang bun lam khong biet lam sao
co tien tra cho nguoi ta nua
e noi vay chong hieu khong
chong phai tin vo
dung bun vo vo se khoc va bun lam
chong la nguon dong vien lon nhat cua vo

Thank you for any help!!

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    It seems to be real-life chat message from a Vietnamese girl to a guy.
    In short, it's a request for money so that the girl can pay off her debt, which is due and she can not borrow from anywhere else. She says she is telling the truth, she loves him and he should believe in her.
    That's what it's all about.
    (Somehow it smells fishy to me, just personal opinion)

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