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微不足道。Can you use that expresion in a sentence? What does that mean?

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    It means not worth mentioning.
    This incident seems not worth mentioning, but it plays an important role in the whole thing.

    This is a proverb.
    微=小(not important)
    It means not important. Don't take it to heart .

    You may say this idiom when people showing their appreciation after you gave them big help by being humble.
    EX:這點小事 , 微不足道 It's just an easy help, don't need to be mentioned.


    It‘s a proverb.微:细(thin),小(small);足:值得(worth);道:谈起(talk about)。微小得很,不值得一提。not worth mentioning;cut no figure

    e.g.The peasant laboured for a mere pittance.农民仅仅是为了微不足道的收入而辛苦地劳作。

    that means something is too unimportant to talk about.

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