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(Tweet) in Korean language ?

(Tweet) in Korean why it's wrote like ( 트윗 ) why not ( 트잍 )?

And also about ( 트잍 ) why the last letter ( ㅌ ) didn't pronounce?

and when we should not pronounce the letter ( ㅌ ) ?

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    In Korean, twitter is written as 트위터.
    So if I were to write tweet, I feel 트윗 makes more sense than 트잍(this sounds more like 트 it).
    Just like how Koreans write sweet as 스윗 or 스위트, not 스잍 or 스잍트. ( I feel weird seeing that) I guess if you are familiar with how Koreans sound, this will automatically make sense. But if you are not used to listening Korean, I think it is good to just memorize them at this stage.

    Good luck!

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