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1.Nach Feststellung, dass ein Beurkundungsverbot im Sinne des §3 Abs.1 Nr.7 BeurkG wegen Vorbefassung nicht besteht, beglaubige ich vorstehende, vor mir vollzogene Unterschrift unter einem Text in englischer Sprache des mir von Person bekannten

Herrn AAA.
=After finding that there is no authentication prohibition for the purpose of (im Sinner ??) of §3 paragraph.1 No.7 due to previous involvement (Vorbefassung???), i hereby certify the signature of Mr. AAA in English text who is well know to me is true????????????????????????
2. Dokumentenpauschale Nr.32001 Nr.1 KV EUR 0.90
what does Dokumentenpauschale means? it is listed in Kostenberechnung.
3.Gebuehr Nr.25100 KV EUR 25.00 (U.-Begl.o.E), what does U.-Begl.o.E means

these three questions come from a certification by Notar, danke

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    1. X im Sinne des (Paragraph aus einem Gesetz) = in the sense of X as described in this paragraph/part of the law, meaning: this law applies to X

    Vorbefassung = term of law, you have to look those up:
    The lawyer writing this text has not already worked on the same issue in the case two separate persons are needed. So one and the same lawyer cannot write a document and then certify a signature.

    von Person bekannt sein = persönlich bekannt sein = he knows this person from direct contact with him

    2. Pauschale = fixed price/one-time fee for something, doesn't change with the circumstances
    Dokumentenpauschale = fixed fee for writing a document

    3. U.-Begl.o.E = Unterschrifts-Beglaubigung ohne Entwurf

    Translating documents of law is even harder then translating technical documents, because law uses a ton of strange words with very specific meanings. :-(

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