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интересоваться y увлекаться

Может кто-то дать мне несколько примеров разницы между интересоваться и увлекаться с английским объяснений.

Can someone give me some examples of the difference between интересоваться and увлекаться with English explanations

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    It seems to me "увлекаться" implies more involvement in the process.

    For example word "драка" - fray

    If someone "интересуется" - he stay in stands in the crowd of onlookers. Shows interest.
    If he "увлекается" - he is one of the fighters. Fascinated by the process and not see anyone nearby.
    But both imply participation in the process as an amateur.
    About Kostya Tszyu we should say "занимается", because it is the main thing in his life.

    1) I think that one of the means увлекаться is a hobby.
    "Football is my hobby" "Футбол — мое хобби or differently "Я увлекаюсь футболом"
    or differently "Футбол мое увлечение (noun)"
    2) or in mean "fan"
    I'm a fan of football Я фанат футбола (if I not play)


    "Let me ask?" "Разрешите поинтересоваться? (politely) "
    'Interested' is a good equivalent
    "I am interested in dinosaurs " "Я интересуюсь динозаврами"
    in mean "capture the attention"
    This brooch caught my attention Это брошь привлекла мое внимание or differently Эта брошь меня интересует

    Интересоваться and увлекаться are mostly synonyms when we're talking about hobbies. Интересоваться is a bit weaker then увлекаться and means more like ask questions, do some research, etc
    Beside of this, it means just "ask question".

    At first a person "интересуется " (чем-либо или кем-либо), after that " увлекается" or " не увлекается".

    Below are the possible meanings of these two words with examples.


    1. be interested (in), to take an interest (in)
    интересоваться историей = to be interested in history

    2. to ask, to inquire
    Он интересовался вашим здоровьем. — He inquired about / after your health.


    1. to take a great interest (in); to be keen (on)
    увлекаться теннисом [шахматами] = to be keen on tennis [chess]

    2. to be carried away (by)
    Не гони так быстро машину, ты слишком увлёкся! = Don't drive so fast - you've been carried away!

    3. to take a fancy (to); to be infatuated (by); to fall (for)
    Такой красавицей кто угодно увлечься может. = Anybody could fall for such a lovely.

    4. be drawn (into)
    Дым увлёкся через дымоход наружу. = The smoke has been drawn into the chimney.


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