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そうか and なるほど

Once, a Japanese language partner point out my habit to use 「そうか」 as rather... cold? He suggest to use 「なるほど」 instead. What I want to ask, is it not good to use 「そうか」? Because on some Japanese television programs I catch people using it and just know it's not polite enough to use between friends. Or there is distinction between women and men (just like how you use 私 and 僕) ?

Thank you in advance.

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Edit: since I think the question seems confusing, let's go with this instead: is 「そうか」 less polite than 「なるほど」 when you use it on daily occurrence?

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    How about 「そうね」, or 「そうよね」? I guess you never speak with 「です・ます」, so I don't think you need to say, 「そうですね」, or 「そうですよね」.
    BTW, i agree with your language partner, if you always keep on saying like 「そうか、…… そうか、 …… そうかぁー」, but in the same time, I hope he'd be patient enough ...

    Some other suggestions : そうなの? ほんとうに? うんうん。 うーん、 そうだったんだ。 マジで? etc.


    I'm not to sure about this one, since both genders can use this. but if you would like to change like your partner said 「なるほど」or 「そうですか」since I've heard most girls use this.

    The answer is "case by case." Both are used in a similar fashion. However, depending on the the context, one phrase may be more appropriate than the other.

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