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Meaning of this phrase?

Some Korean friends were kind of making fun of me saying I was "ttatdaphae" My romanization of the phrase may be incorrect because I can't remember it clearly, but does anyone know what that means and what it is in hangeul? 고마워요!

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    (1) This room feels very stuffy.
    이 방은 너무 답답하다.
    (2) I felt I was stifling in the airless room.
    나는 공기가 통하지 않는 그 방에 있으려니 답답했었다(숨이 막히는 것 같았다).
    (3) My shirt is too tight. I feel like I'm suffocating(constricted).
    셔츠가 너무 껴서 답답하다.
    (4) My stomach feels heavy from indigestion.
    소화가 안 돼서 속이 답답하다.
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    I think it is 답답해 (dap dap hae), it means frustrated. ^o^

    i agree with Stella, i think it's 답답해.

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