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what does "belly spilling over the top of his trunks."mean?

But the laughing god of drunkenness had not yet forsaken him. Agreeably detached from reality and from his fellow human beings, he walked down the steps to the ULU pool with an unfeigned sense of entitlement, and as usual nobody challenged him, not even the only other occupant of the changing room, who, after one glance of arrested interest at the prosthesis Strike was unstrapping, kept his eyes politely averted. His false leg stuffed into a locker along with yesterday’s clothes, and leaving the door open due to lack of change, Strike moved towards the shower on crutches, his belly spilling over the top of his trunks.

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    It means he's overweight or his pants don't fit correctly.
    The English slang for this is called "muffin top"!

    It means he's fat and his stomach hangs over the waistband of his swim suit.

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