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Did I get it wrong?

When people get off the bus, they always say "thank you" to the bus driver. But one thing starts to make me confused. One night, I took the bus to go home as usual. A young man said to the bus driver " Nice man! ", then the bus driver replied " you are always". I was totally confused about the dialogue. I don't know if I get it wrong. Is there anyone who can explain to me?

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    Are you in Brisbane? This is a typical Brisbane thing. :)

    I think Stephanie's understood it, but the man probably said "Night, mate." You've probably noticed how frequently we Aussies drop "mate" into our conversation.

    For the driver, maybe it was "You're right" as in "no worries, you're alright". It can even come out sounding like "yerroit". Sometimes the T can get lost in the mumbling, but I don't advise copying them. ;)

    I have no idea. Sometimes different ethnic groups have different ways of speaking to each other. Maybe it was some ethnic slang.


    Are you absolutely sure he did not say " 'Night, man" as in "goodnight"?
    It's very possible... As for the response, I have no idea. "you also"? But it is true that different groups, and regions have different ways of talking. In New Orleans, we anticipate the question, how are you when passing people in the streets, so we don't even ask, but answer "All right".. so two people passing in the streets will only say "all right" to each other, no question asked.

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