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Why is very offen used the word "dinner" instead of the word "supper" in a speech?


Do you really rare use the word "supper" in English?

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    Good question!

    To me they are the same thing. People use them the same way (at least in Canada).
    I do agree with Jeff. Usually older people say "supper".

    If you're young I'd recommend saying "dinner" for your evening meal.

    I think that in European english they would use supper a lot more. In the united states dinner is much more common. I would say that at this point I only hear the elderly say supper.


    I disagree Jeff. I did some research on this to answer a student's question some time back. Supper usually referred to a lighter meal in the late evening, and dinner was a bigger meal earlier in the evening. In the US they are usually interchangeable and may vary by region with not distinction in meaning. Some places will have both meals, some only one or the other.


    I also agree with Jeff, I have heard both supper and dinner, but here in the states dinner is more commonly used. When supper has been used it was used in replace of dinner, not an additional evening meal and it was used by an older person.

    In the UK, as so often, it all comes down to class. Dinner = lunch with some people, and evening meal with others. Supper can only mean evening meal. It transpires that Wikipedia has a very good article on the topic, so you can read that for further enlightenment.

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