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Do you say that?


I heard the phrase 'You seeing this?' in a movie.

I'm confused because I was taught that the verb "see" isn't used in the continuous form.

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    Consider it a shortened form of "Are you seeing this?", used in a slang manner. You may also hear someone say "Am I really seeing this?" if they cant believe their eyes.


    It's very informal.
    "Do you see what I see" is the same thing.

    It may not be correct to say "Are you seeing this?" but it's something you could say to a friend.


    Without context, I understand "You seeing this?" to mean "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

    When you get to upper levels of English, you'll find that you can break the "don't use these verbs in continuous form" rule, if you mean that the situation is temporary, or even irritating (the "irritating" meaning isn't in your example). Certain rules that seemed "carved in stone" at elementary level can have tiny exceptions is the situation demands it. It's all part of refining your language skills.

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