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How would I write these english questions in Farsi? (panglish not script)

1. I am three years older than my sister.

2. Where is the nearest Iranian restaurant?

3. I don’t watch TV.

4. Do you (formal) come here every day?

5. Last week-end they did not come at our house.

6. I’m coming to your (informal) place tomorrow.

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    1. man se saal az khaaharam bozorgtar hastam.

    2. nazdiktarin restoorane Irani kojaast?

    3. man telvizyoon negaah nemikonam.

    4. shomaa har rooz inja miaayid?

    5. aakhare hafteye pish aanha be khaaneye maa nayaamadand.

    6. fardaa be khooneye shomaa miyam.

    I just wanted to correct the last translation written by Türk Oğlan. I do agree with the rest :)

    6. I’m coming to your (informal) place tomorrow.
    Farda miam khoonat. or Farda daram miam khoonat.

    and correction of your question:
    (panglish not script)
    we normally say : Finglish (Farsi+ English)
    or Pinglish ( Persian+ English)
    Finglish is more common.

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