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Is yek the same as yeh in the tehran or colloquial accent?


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    Yes, its the same. Let me give you some examples using both:

    یه جمله مثال می زنم.
    یک جمله مثال می زنم
    I'm giving you an example.

    یه سیب خوردم
    یک سیب خوردم
    I ate an apple.

    یه روز پیش دیدمش
    یک روز پیش دیدمش
    I saw him/her a day ago.

    Yes, its almost the same, but dont forget that for counting we always use. Yek = one
    But "yeh" its like "a/an" in English.

    adding to other's answers:

    One can also be translated to "ye"

    one more thing
    یه /یک چیز دیگه
    ye/yek chiz dige

    Mother tells to her little son who is taking 3 candies:

    you can take only one

    faghat mitooni ye/yek doone bardari (Here we dont need subject (you) in Persian translation)

    فقط می تونی یه / یک دونه برداری

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