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Are school children in Egypt taught about the شادوف؟

Students in Virginia are taught this word in various transliterations. The invention is ancient, but Arabic was not used in Ancient Egypt. What term is used for this device?

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I was interested in knowing how Egyptian schools treated this topic, not dubious internet sources. Also, is this word of Arabic origin or has it come into Arabic from an earlier Egyptian word documented before Arabic. I could not find a Quranic origin but perhaps I am still missing a clue. There are clear Greek words for the device but these are not ancient words though they have existed for at least two thousand years.

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    when we studied History in prep school this tool was mentioned as a tool used by ancient Egyptians like m.fathi said.
    i think this word is not Arabic original , its Egyptian original because no such tool was used in the Arabian Peninsula as there were no rivers there , it was all desert.
    i think its not used anymore because this tool disappeared about 30 years ago as it was replaced by machines and motor pumps.

    may be Greek people saw the ancient Egyptians using it and Transferred it to their homeland as Egyptians were pioneers in Agriculture :)


    Yes, the word شادوف is used.

    it was an invention the ancient Egyptians made and used it to transfer water of the River Nile to their agriculture lands " from low level to high level "
    Here's some images to be more clear :

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