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猫盖屎 in what cases is it used, and by what people

what do people mean when they use it against you? does it imply a negative meaning or attitude? is it a low-culture or slang way to say that?
in what cases is it used?

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    literally, it means cat cover its feces.
    i dont use this word and dont know what's mean, maybe it just be localism, but not a low-culture.
    I did some research on the internet, in some places, it means cover the truth, with low-leverl method.
    and in another place, it means you are not conscientious and skimp your work.

    the above are just for reference only, i am not sure :)

    oh,i don't konw that either,though i am a Chinese.
    你可以学一些中文常用语。you can learn some chinese that is people often used.

    oh,I have never heard this in my life either. But literally it means cat cover its feces and it is true that the cats will cover its feces which different from the dogs.

    Very interesting! I did find this phrase in some dialects. It means "doing things in a casual way" (like a cat covering its feces).
    Hope this helps.

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