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How can I translate 你看看我,这个经常不说母语已经不习惯了


Could someone break this down? I know it's something like "you see, speaking often my mother tongue is no longer a habbit". There's probably a better way to understand this...

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    你看看我,( ) (我) 經常不說母語,(我) 已經不習慣(說)了

    您誤解了 習慣 一詞
    這裡的 習慣 是 動詞 get used to 之意 而非名詞

    原文必承上下文 語意才會完整
    這句話省略太多 所以語意不明
    而我的猜測是 :
    其實就是 鄉音生疏 的意思

    "這個" : 某些人習慣加上一些 "發語詞" 其實無異議


    Look at me, not speaking mother language often and not used to say it now.

    Take me as an example, I am not speaking my mother tongue for long, so that I am not used to say it now.


    well,I think you know the meaning of it......the meaning is clear but the sentence is little bit odd,这个is probably a misuse of the speaker due to his/her oral habit or native idiom ,Cuz 这个 can be deleted and would be much more natural if so.

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