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Imperative mood ?!!

As a right grammar when i should use Imperative with imperfect and perfect verbs ?
Could you explain it clearly because i'm totally confused !!
because some Russian told me in general language it's no problem to use Imperative with imperfect and perfect as both are ok.
But i want to know it as a right grammar. Thank you

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    Take a look here


    This question probably doesn't have a straightforward answer, but in general, perfective imperative forms sound more like a command, because they emphasize your wish for an action to be COMPLETED by another person. Imperfective imperative forms shift your attention to the action itself a little bit, so sound a little bit more like an invitation to "be doing" something. "Съешь это яблоко" (perfective) implies you encourage another person to eat all of the apple. "Дети, ешьте суп!" is an encouragement to start eating soup. You don't necessarily insist that they finish all of it.
    Although practically the 2 forms can often mean the same thing. For example, "сядь" (perfective) sounds like "sit down", "cадись" (imperfective) is politer, more like "have a seat", but practically speaking, in both cases you want a person do the same thing.

    On the other hand, using the imperfective form can have a more informal (colloquial) flavour . "Открывайте двери!" is less polite than "откройте двери, пожалуйста".

    Here is an interesting page you might like to read.

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