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the difference between 이대로 and 이렇게

1- I understand 이렇게 but I don't know if there is a difference between 이렇게 and 이대로

like in :
이대로 보낼 수 없어 I can’t let you go like this
이대로 보내지 마 Don’t make me go like this

또 다른 질문이 있습니다
2- what is the difference between 잡다 and 붙잡다, please some examples if possible.

thank you in advance

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    I mostly agree with kim.
    In my sense, "이대로" feels like the situation should have been better, improved or sorted out.(means thinking about the past or a little long period of time) "이렇게" can also deliver the same feeling in most cases, but it's more fucused on the moment.

    "이렇게" can also be used in a positive sentence, whereas "이대로" is usually used in a negative sentence.

    Negative sentence example :

    이대로 날 떠나지마.
    이렇게 날 떠나지마.

    Positive sentence example :

    이렇게 해서 네가 좋은 성적을 받았구나.
    이대로 해서 네가 좋은 성적을 받았구나. (Sounds strange)

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