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I don't understand this phrase.

hello I don't understand this phrase, can you help me? what mean?

「ザンギリアタマヲタタイテミレバ ブチマケテ アノ世行キ」

thank you.

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    Hola Dominique,

    ざんきりあたま(散切り頭) = cropped head
    When Japan started to westernize a long time ago, Samurais had cut their hair like Western people, this hair style is ざんぎりあたま.

    ぶちまける has several translations depending on the context.
    vent (one's anger), unload, tell someone about something, throw out, spew, explode...

    あの世行き means "death".

    Since I don't know the situation of the sentence you wrote, I can't translate whole the sentence.
    Espero que te ayude.

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