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노랫말 질문들: 조용필의 "미지의 세계"

이 순간을 영원히 아름다운 마음으로
미래를 만드는 우리들의 푸른 꿈 오…
하고 싶은 이야기 노래로 만들어요
우리는 모두다 사랑하는 친구들 오…

1. "이 순간을" uses the object marker. Which verb is it the object of? Is it "만들다"?

2. Does "영원히 아름다운 마음으로 미래를 만드는 우리들의 푸른 꿈" refer to "이 순간"?

3. What is "푸른 꿈"? "Blue dream?" Is there a symbolic meaning?

Answers in English or Korean are welcome. Thank you!

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    Your guess to Q1 is right. Blue usually refers to the young. I'm not sure about your Q2.
    Songs are usually poetic, so it could have different meaning depending on how you feel or understand the song as you know. I would say the first two lines could be translated '(keep) this moment forever with beautiful heart, our blue dream makes our future.' Or 'keep this moment forever. Our blue dream makes our future with beautiful mind', I think. So your guess to Q2 could be right as the singer is considered young althought he is in his 60s now. The song was very popular in the 1980s.

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