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Farsi question ( Tarjameh kunid )

Salam !
When asked which country I think is the best, my own or Iran, I wanted to answer: You cannot not compare .... with ...... .
Meaning two different things have qualities and bad sides about them , none of them are "better" or "worse" than the other. How can I put this idea in Farsi words?
I tried to translate but it was very broken and barely understandable for I lack vocabulary .
Thank you in advance .

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    First, the pronunciation of ترجمه کنید is:Tarjome Konid
    About the question, if you mean that you cannot compare the other countries with your native land you can say so:
    In do ra nemitavan ba ham moghayese kard, man nemtivanam baghieye keshvarha mesle Iran ra ba sarzamine madariam moghayese konam. Pas man nemitavanam beguyam ke kodam yek az in do keshvar behtar hastand.

    You can also say this:
    Man nemitavanam keshvare khodam ra ba Iran moghayese konam, be khatere inke har keshvar zibayee va adab va rosome marboot be khodash ra darad.

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