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How do I express certain criteria in Mandarin?

For example how would I say, "he must be intelligent"? 他得聪明?Could I also use the same structure with 应该 or 需要 to express 标准?For example,他需要开朗?

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    “他需要开朗” is not good...."他得开朗" is better。这是指条件吗? for example,"If he wants to be my boyfriend,he must be intelligent "-如果他想成为我男朋友,他得聪明。 you can use"应该"and"需要",but i think "得" is the best


    Sounds like criteria for choosing a boyfriend. Then you need to say: 他必须很聪明(or "智慧“)。他还得很开朗,很活泼...

    "must be" is a sentence structure widely used in English
    but Chinese people never say this way
    just like in English you never say "i upped the university" (我上大学了)

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