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is he holding an "interphone"?

“Have you got an appointment?” he asked Strike, feet above him in the box beside the electric barrier, his hand covering the telephone receiver.
“What’s it about?”
“Mr. Evan Duffield,” said Strike, and he saw the security guard scowl as he turned away and muttered into the receiver.
After a minute or so, Strike was given directions and waved through. He followed a gently winding road around the outskirts of the studio building, reflecting again on the convenient uses to which some people’s reputations for chaos and self-destruction could be put.

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in " covering the telephone receiver", is he holding a telephone? or an interphone? does "cover"mean "his hand is covering telephone receiver?" if he is talking on the phone, he must be in a room? then, how could he standing in the box beside the electric barrier?

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    The security guard is sitting in a small structure about the size of a double telephone booth guarding the entrance (like a Police Box in Japan). He was talking on the telephone when Strike approached, and covered the mouthpiece of the telephone so he could speak to Strike. These "security boxes" are usually either for people to pay or be challenged, or both. This guard is either lazy, or tired, or inattentive, to have his feet up and be talking on the phone, and not even hang up the phone when someone approached.

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