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what does " reputations for chaos and self-destruction"mean?

if "could be put" is an phrase, then does it mean "sb's reputatioin could be taken advantage of?"

【“Mr. Evan Duffield,” said Strike, and he saw the security guard scowl as he turned away and muttered into the receiver.
After a minute or so, Strike was given directions and waved through. He followed a gently winding road around the outskirts of the studio building, reflecting again on the convenient uses to which some people’s reputations for chaos and self-destruction could be put.】

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    Strike got into the studio by implying he was there to investigate Evan Duffield, who had a reputation for getting into a lot of trouble, so it was completely believable that Duffield would be the subject of an investigation. He could put Duffield's reputation to convenient use. He could use Duffield's reputation to make a credible story about why he needed to be at the studio and thereby get in to talk to Bestigui.

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