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what does "tidier version of Spanner"mean?

After a minute or so, Strike was given directions and waved through. He followed a gently winding road around the outskirts of the studio building, reflecting again on the convenient uses to which some people’s reputations for chaos and self-destruction could be put.

He parked a few rows behind a chauffeured Mercedes occupying a space with a sign in it reading: PRODUCER FREDDIE BESTIGUI, made his unhurried exit from the car while Bestigui’s driver watched him in the rearview mirror, and proceeded through a glass door that led to a nondescript, institutional set of stairs. A young man was jogging down them, looking like a slightly tidier version of Spanner.

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    This is from The Cuckoo's Calling.

    Spanner is a character who is described as not being the greatest dresser. He makes a lot of money but you couldn't tell by seeing how he dressed.

    This person that was jogging down the stairs looks like Spanner except he is "tidier" or dresses more neatly than Spanner does.

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