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where exactly are those two guards are?

“You are in a shitload of trouble, my friend,” said Bestigui, advancing with a set jaw, his thick shoulders braced.
“…to talk about the night Lula Landry died.”
Two men in white shirts and carrying walkie-talkies were running along the glass wall to Strike’s right; young, fit, tense-looking.
“Get him out of here!” Bestigui roared, pointing at Strike, as the two guards bounced off each other in the doorway, then forced their way inside.

Additional Details:

after the two guards arriaved, where are they? at the right of Strike? or in front of him?
and what does "bouch off in the doorway, and forced their way inside?"
does it mean. they were at the door(the door is at the right of Strike?), but not actually come in before Bestigui's shouting?

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    It's not precise, there are lots of ways you could imagine this. What facts the writer gives you:

    There is a glass wall
    the glass wall is to strikes right
    the guards are running along the wall
    when the guards try to come through the door they bounce off each other, which angers bestigui.

    It can be assumed then that when running along the wall, the guards are coming towards strike, and you can assume there is a doorway between them and strike, through which they intended to pass.

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