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Expired question
Correct my sentences and words plz, ok?

He’s an English teacher.
He’s come from china
He’s interested in English
He’s a Canadian
He’s lucky
She’s a beautiful girl
Sh’s very busy
Sh’s going to shopping
Sh’s a college student
She’s fat
It’s time to go to school
It is use crying
It’s a table
It’s a 4o’clock in the afternoon
It’s no use try
You’re welcome to china
You’re welcome
You're my friend
You’re my
They’re having anenglish lesson now
They’re to go to school
They’re playing
They’re students
They’re beautiful
Australia Australians 澳大利亚 Egypt Egyptians 埃及
Canada Canadians 加拿大 japan Japanese 日本
United states Americans 美国 peru preuvians 秘鲁
Poland poles 波兰 indian ? 印度
England English 英国 france French 法国
Germany germans 德国 lreland lrish 爱尔兰
Ltly Italians 意大利 Switzerland Swiss 瑞士人
Brazil Brazilian 巴西 Finland finn 芬兰
Norway Norwegian 挪威 Russia Russians 俄国
Austria Austrian 奥地利 Austria arabs 阿拉伯

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: Chinese (Mandarin)
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