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What does Na and ika naiyo mean?

I heard these in a song though I'm not sure what they mean.
Na is a particle, I think, though I don't know how it's used. So, can someone please explain the use of this word. Also, I heard in a song the phrase ika naiyo though I plainly just don't know the meaning. Can you also please tell me the meaning?

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    I will try my best to clear things up to you!

    About "na", it would be really good if you could write the word it was used in, or at least give the name of the song. Don't worry though!

    ==>"Na" usually is the adjective in Japanese. For example, "shinsetsu" means "kind", but when you want to say "a kind person" you have to change the "kind" to an adjective; thus, it becomes "shinsetsu na hito" where "hito" means person."A handsome person" would be "hansamu na hito". However, please keep in mind that there are two types of adjectives in Japanese-> you just learned the "na-adjecive" and the other one is "i-adjective".
    Here are some nice examples of the use of this adjective:

    *By any chance if your question about "na" is supposed to refer to something different then I think it would help me to explain you if you provide me the word that you heard from the song.

    ==>"Ikanaiyo" means "Don't go". "Iku" is the root/dictionary word that means "(to) go". To make it negative it becomes "ikanai" and the "yo" at the end makes it more friendlier. In other words, this word is supposed to be used with someone who is younger than you or who is very close to you, like your friend or family members.

    I hope my answer was helpful to you! By the way, in your profile page I saw that you wrote わたしのなまえ わようこです。よろし! Two corrections should be made in this sentence. Here is the corrected sentence: わたしのなまえはようこです。よろしくおねがいします。 ("Wa" as in "is" is always written with the Japanese for "ha" even though it's pronounced "wa"!!! And it's better to be polite when introducing yourself so it's good to write or say よろしくおねがいします at the end. )

    One thing though, why is your name Youko?! I mean, Youko is a Japanese name, right? Is any of your parent Japanese?!

    See you soon. ^_^

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