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plz tell me these questions

What is meaning this sentence AND what is meaning 好想还有风?

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    1. A跟B一样。中国画跟油画 一样。(They are same.)
    2. A跟B 不一样。中国画跟油画(很) 不一样。(They are totally/very different.)
    3. 中国画(是不是)跟油画很不一样?(Are they very different from each other?)
    4.(是不是): 你是不是中国人?(Are you Chinese?)
    5. 那匹马往咱们这儿跑来了,我觉得他跑得非常快,好想还有风。
    That horse runs towards us. I think that it runs very fast, together with the wind. (IT means that the horse runs very fast, likes wind)

    中国 画 是不是 跟 油画 很 不一样 = Chinese pictures are very different from oil paintings

    好想 还 有 风? = looks like there's also wind

    那 匹 马 往 咱们 这儿 跑来了 = that horse runs here towards us

    我 觉得 他 跑 的 非常 快 = i feel that he runs very fast

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