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Why "s mnom"?

sa mnom
s vama
s njim
s njom
s vama
s nama
sa njima

Why do I use theese instead of s mene/tebe in the bosnian language?
How do I know when to use s mnom and not s mene?

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    This Bosnian grammar looks rather like the cases I deal with in Slovak, so here's how I understand it:

    s mene = from me
    sa mnom = with me (sa instead of s just makes it easier to say with mnom)


    Because as you know B/C/S has 7 cases
    "sa mnom" - "s(a)" is a preposition and means "with" and is followed by the INSTRUMENTAL case -- with me, with you ..
    "s mene" - "s(a)" is also a preposition and means "from, off" and is followed by the GENITIV case -- from the sky....

    Here are some good explanations:

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