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How would you explain non-stories” in the context?


An ex-gang member who had been imprisoned for gun and drug offenses in his native Los Angeles, Macc was now a multimillionaire, with a number of lucrative businesses aside from his recording career. There was no doubt that the press had become “excited,” to use Robin’s word, when news had leaked out that Macc’s record company had rented him the apartment below Lula’s. There had been much rabid speculation as to what might happen when Deeby Macc found himself a floor away from his supposed dream woman(referring to Lula), and how this incendiary new element might affect the volatile relationship between Lula and her boyfriend. These non-stories had all been peppered with undoubtedly spurious comments from friends of both—“He’s already called her and asked her to dinner,” “She’s preparing a small party for him in her flat when he hits London.”

How would you explain non-stories” in the last sentence?

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    It was all unconfirmed rumors, rather than stories based on fact.

    non-stories = fact

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