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what does it mean?

-high off the hog

-set me back at all.

Additional Details:

We had a great time that night and the meal did not set me back at all.

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    To live high on the hog is to live extravagantly or to be very well-off.

    More context would be helpful for "set me back at all" but some examples might be:

    Those tickets set me back $50 (meaning the tickets cost me $50)

    I have time to go to dinner, that won't set me back at all (here, in the context of a conversation, this would mean that going to dinner would not disrupt my schedule or make me miss something I have planned to do later that day).
    'High off the hog' = to live extravagantly / to life the high life / to feast
    'Set me back at all' = something / somebody throws me back / frustrates me entirely / completely

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