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1. 전화할 거예요 or 전화를 할 거예요?

2. If someone is asking me "뭘 드시겠어요? ". Should I reply "저는 or 제가 냉면을 먹을게요."?

But if this person is asking about my father (not me), so should I say my "냉면을 먹어요 or 냉면을 들 거예요. "?

3. 오늘은 or 오늘이 참 춥군요? What's the difference?

4. What's the pronunciation of "못 읽어"? Is it "몯 시거"?

5. Is "잘 못 들어요" a normal expression? It sounds like someone is deaf or having sort of hearing problem instead of "can't hear clearly".

Thank you very much!

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    1)전화할 거예요= i am going to call you. you made a statement.
    전화할 거예요? = i took "를" out because it sounds off to me. it means are you going to call me?

    2) both seems to be ok but 저는 is better. "저는 냉면을 먹을 거에요" mean i will eat noodle.
    but people will not order food like that just say "저는 냉면 주세요"= i will have noodle. you don't have to imply that you are eating noodles when you ordering.

    for your father question, "냉면 주세요" = direct translation, "give me noodle" it sound not polite when you translate to english but this would be fine in korea.

    4)오늘은 is better

    5) "잘 못 들어요" meaning is closer to i can not hear. "잘 못 들었어요" means i couldn't hear well/clearly. need to make sure the ending is used correctly.

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