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فاهم and بفهم

Can someone please explain the difference between these two words?

شكرا جزيلا

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    بفهم isn't standard Arabic. Usually used:
    1) with languages, and things you know.
    Ex: أنا بفهم عربي
    I understand Arabic

    أنا بفهم في الكمبيوتر
    It means that you can use computer well.

    2) When saying that you're not stupid (or stupid, if negative is used)
    Ex: A: أنت مبتفهمش = أنت غبي
    You don't understand (=You're stupid)
    B: أنا بفهم
    I understand (=I'm not stupid)

    *All the above is Egyptian dialect.

    فاهم is standard Arabic and used in dialect too.
    أنا فاهم الدرس
    I understand the lesson.
    *Can be used in standard Arabic and Egyptian.

    In my opinion, I think it's better to specify which one you're learning, standard or colloquial.

    Hope this helps.

    بفهم = I understand
    فاهم = I realized


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