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what is the difference between 바라보다 & 보다?

I have seen both translated as to look/watch/see, and I was just wondering what the difference is (if there is any).
Please use simple example sentences along with an explantion in you answer~ ^^

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    Those can be used interchangeably in most situations, but there is a slight difference between the two.

    I would say 바라보다 is more like "stare at something". (I think "바라" here means "hope, anticipation, etc". It seems to me like having a direction.)

    보다 is just general term for look, watch and see.

    So if you 바라보다 something, you are looking at something with attention and focus and maybe taking a little more time than 보다.

    나는 그녀를 보았다.
    나는 그녀를 바라보았다.

    These two sentences have almost the same meaning but the second would imply that the speaker looked at her expecting something or trying to find something.

    Adding more words,

    나는 길거리에서 그녀를 보았다. => I saw her in the street. (probably by chance)

    나는 아무 말없이 그녀를 한참동안 바라보았다. => I stared at her for a while without saying any words.

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