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если у меня будет время.

Why do we use "будет" here?

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    We use "будет" here because in this case we are talking about the future.
    You can compare:
    If I have time, I will help. (Conditional 1)
    Если у меня будет время (Future Simple), я помогу (Future Simple).
    If I have time, I always help. (Conditional 0)
    Если у меня есть время (Present Simple), я всегда помогаю (Present Simple).
    The difference is that you never use Future Simple after "if" in the English lanquage, but in Russian we do when we talk about the future.

    "if I WILL HAVE a time" can be literally translated as "если я БУДУ ИМЕТЬ время". In the passive voice this sentence has the following form: "если у меня БУДЕТ ИМЕТСЯ время". The reflexive verb "иметься (to have)" is obvious here and can be omitted.

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