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How to properly say "아찔한 섹시함" "시종일관 퇴폐한 야함" in english

sorry i know those words might be quite uncomfortable to be read here. :( i just wanted to know its meaning

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    아찔한 섹시함--killing sex appeal
    시종일관 퇴폐한 야함--decadent eroticism first and last

    아찔한= breathtaking
    시종일관= all the time, always
    퇴폐한= corrupted
    야함= erotic

    1. 아찔한 섹시함

    She has 'killing sex appeal' literally.

    But you can apprehend the meaning (of '아찔한 섹시함) from following sentences.
    (1) She is killing me with her sex appeal.
    (2) Her sex appeal makes me dizzy.

    2. 시종일관 퇴패한 야함

    He told me a story with decadent eroticism first and last.

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