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What is a good Iranian movie that is not about God?


چه فیلم ایرانی خوب که در باره خدا نیست؟
cheh film e irani e khoob keh dar bareh khoda nist?

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    ميم مثل مادر M Like Mother

    There are comic TV series by Mehran Modiri, they are very good and really funny Iranian comics, I recommend you to watch them when your Farsi reached the advanced level. I will name some of these comic TV series anyway:

    قهوه تلخ The Bitter Coffee
    ويلاى من My Villa

    You can also watch "Frozen Heart" or "قلب يخى" in Farsi, it's genre is action and crime (TV series).

    Checkout: Baran (باران)
    or Kandahar (قندهار)
    or The Stoning of Soraya

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