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How would you explain “a practiced eye” in the context?


Strike had to wait to be served, giving him time to look around. The place was full of men, most of whom had military-short hair; but a trio of girls with tangerine tans stood around a high table, throwing back their over-straightened peroxide hair, in their tiny, tight spangled dresses, shifting their weight unnecessarily on their teetering heels. They were pretending not to know that the only solitary drinker, a handsome, boyish man in a leather jacket, who was sitting on a high bar seat beside the nearby window, was examining them, point by point, with a practiced eye. Strike bought himself a pint of Doom Bar and approached their appraiser.

How would you explain “a practiced eye” in the second to last sentence? The solitary drinker only has one eye? I think on two-eyed person can look at anything with one eye, unless he closes one eye or only has one eye.

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    In this case it means he's experienced at assessing women at a bar. It means to suggest that he hangs out at bars often hoping to get a date. It does not mean he was literally using only one eye.

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