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What are the differences between these two questions?


I wanted to ask exactly how old the mother of a friend was today, because she had her birthday today. So I wrote "오늘 내 어머니는 몇 살 이에요." but she corrected me to "올해 너희 어머니는 몇 살이여요." I'm not sure what the difference are? Does 올해 also means today? and would it be informal to put 너희 to 내, like the way you can change 저의 to 제 ? Or are they just totally different. Also, what is the difference between ending the sentence with 이여요 and 이에요?

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    The question you made, means " How old 'my' mother is 'today'? " and the correction means " How old 'your' mother is 'this year' ? "

    Maybe the usage for " today " does not make sense in Korean and you should use " this year " to build up a correct sentence.

    내 means " my " and 네 means " your ". "너희, 너의 " I know this two also mean " your ".

    but I'm not sure about the difference between two endings!

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