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Sobre el verbo "cuidar"

Esta palabra tiene tantas formas, no sé entre "cuidar, cuidar de, cuidar con, cuidarse de, cuidarse con", ¿cuál significa " look after, take care of", cuál significa " be careful, watch out, pay attention to"?

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    Ohh. Creo es un poco dificil para mi (debido a mi ingles), pero intentaré.

    I'm going to take care of you.
    Te voy a cuidar.

    I'm going to take care of you from the dogs.
    Te voy a cuidar de los perros.

    I'm going to take care of you with this sword.
    Te voy a cuidar con esta espada.

    You should watch out of dragons.
    Deberías cuidarte de los dragones / Deberías tener cuidad de los dragones.

    You can take care of yourself with this sword
    Puedes cuidarte tu mismo con esta espada.

    --- Look after
    Look after the dogs [?] (not sure if this is okay in english)
    Vigila a los perros
    Cuida a los perros
    This is because you should watch them, maybe feed them, and more stuff.
    I'm not sure how is it said in English for "look after the baby while I go to the supermarket", that would be: "Cuida al bebe mientras voy al supermercado"

    --- Pay attention
    Pay attention to the teacher
    Pon atención al profesor.

    Pay attention to what you say to others (you might swear to others -and you don't want to-)
    Ten cuidado de lo que dices a los demás.
    Pon atención de lo que le dices a los demás.

    Be careful of what you say (there a many gossip people in here)
    Ten cuidado con lo que dices (hay mucha gente chismosa aquí).

    Hope this can help you. I'm not a spanish teacher so it's kind of difficult for me to explain well the differences.
    Hopefully other person will make it clear in another comment.

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