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¡Unas frases en español - la tercera parte!


¡Hola a todos!

He visto una peli de Almodóvar, que se llama "Todo sobre mimadre". había varias frases que no las entendi.

¿alguien puede ayudarme y traducir estas frases a ingles? ¿o por lo menos, tratar expilcarme en español?

1. "que le pasa a Manuela que la noto tan rara?"

2. "Es que quiere encasquetarte a jose"

3. "Me parece que son unpoquitos liantas. – hay que cogernos el punto"

4. "Yo me cosco enseguida, y para nada hieren mi sensibilidad"

5. "Rasgado de ojos – 80 mil. Nariz: 200 mil, tiradas a la basura porque aun después me lo pusieron asi de otro palizón. Ya se que me da mucha personalidad, pero si llego a saberlo no me la toco."

6. "Super amortizadas"

7. "Una es mas autentica cuando mas se parece a lo que soño de si misma"

8. "Hay gente que piensa que los hijos son cosa de un dia, pero se tarda mucho"

9. "Oye, no se me nota mucho el catarro?"

¡Muchas gracias!


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    1 qué le pasa is just like "what's wrong with Manuela? I see her so weird"
    2 in this case person is asking if Manuela (I think) is forcing someone to accept José (maybe as boyfriend)
    3 I don't understand this maybe is spanish movie, I don't know "lianitas" maybe is like liana in Tarzan :P I don't know
    4 "Me cosco" I haven't heard this word before
    5 I don't know what is this about in movie so I don't know how to explain :(
    6 Amortize, if something is amortized it receives less damage, maybe you can use this to guess meaning in phrase or you can type it full.
    7 It means that you are authentic when you look like how you see yourself in your dreams, just like following your own dreams :)
    8 Some people think to have a kid doesn't take long time but it does.
    9 Hey, is so visible that I'm suffering flu? (Do i look so sick?)
    Maybe that movie is spanish so I can't help you in all cases :( by the way I hope you understand my poor english :P

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