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The hairstyles also put women into a quandary because there were a great range of different possible coiffures, which they were able to choose from.

PUT WOMEN INTO A QUANDARY? is is all right to say so or how can I put it otherwise?


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    Sounds pretty good to me, but I would make a slight change to rest of your sentence: ."..........there was a wide range of possible coiffures,,,,,,," or "......there were a great many different possible coiffures.........."

    your sentence is perfect, grammatically. Although there are a few things that i would change; starting with quandary and coiffures. Many people tend to talk in a less complicated manner when speaking English so this might even confuse experienced speakers. You could possibly replace quandary with "a sticky situation" or "dilemma." and you could also replace coiffures with "hair-do's" or "hairstyles"

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