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What is the difference between きょうし and せんせい?

both mean teacher right?

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    i agree with what Tucker san told you, but i want to tell you one more difference between these two words.
    i believe you have learnt how we use "san". we add "san" right after the name of a person to show respect.
    when the person we talk / write about were a teacher, we can use "sensei" instead of "san".
    but we don't often use the word "kyoushi" that way.

    ex :
    やまだせんせいがきょうしつにきた。 Mr. (or Ms.) Yamada came to the classroom.

    Both are the same.
    せんせい is more general and widely.
    きょうし is only used for school teacher.


    I think when you address to someone else who is a teacher, out of respect you would address them as 先生, but if you are a teacher or any of your family member is a teacher then you would humbly address yourself (or them) as 教師。 for example 母は高校の教師です。

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