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about Franch translation

This centence"Est-ce que cette fille aime le livre"
the book answer is "does this girl like this book"
i feel "does this book girl like" before
i don't understand.
in Franch,question is behind the person use statements

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    Yufan, the translation in the book is right. "Est-ce que" is a question mark, as it is "Does" in the english sentence. As in chinese, french has several ways to build questions.
    Statement: La fille aime le livre (女孩子喜欢这本书)
    1) Est-ce que la fille aime le livre? (question mark: est-ce que + ?)
    2) La fille aime le livre? (question mark: ?)> In this case, intonation is important, as in oral expression, interrogative intonation would be the only way to know that it is a question.
    3) La fille, aime-t-elle le livre? (question mark: inversion >>verb before subject + ?). The use of "-t-" is just for helping in the pronuntiation, it has no grammatical function.

    "does this book girl like" has no sense.

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